Why you should diversify intimate life

I’ll tell you a little secret - the more time the partners together, the less often an intimate relationship occurs between them. Attraction fades, passion disappears, desire gradually disappears. And more so for men. Such is our physiology and psychology.

Over time, sex between regular partners, spouses, long-standing lovers becomes boring. At this moment, you just need to bring something new, unusual, non-standard into it, try to experiment. Many of us, especially those raised in conservative authoritarian families, are afraid to do this, fear innovation, and often do not even know how to do it. And if there are two such people in a pair, then this is not so bad. But if one partner is active and liberated, while the other is sandwiched, then this threatens a serious crisis in relations.

In particular, there are many ways and methods that can help such couples, in particular - to diversify their sex life, while relieving stress. One such way is to go to an online sex shop. And this is a really effective method.

By the way, many family psychologists say that a large percentage of breaks is directly related to the discord in intimate life. They argue that in turn will certainly lead to scandals and tantrums in everyday life.

Therefore, you should try to diversify your life in bed, to become more inventive and liberated. How do you feel about you for the better.

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