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Hey, I‘m Angel! Your perfect company for a quality time!! You can find me as always in KAMPPI AREA!
I’m back only for TODAY!!

Check out my new photos!
My dears, my name is Angel... I'm waiting for you in my cozy private apartment, located in Kamppi Area!
I got the complete Pfizer vaccine (3 shots) so you don’t have to worry about your health!


‼️ LAST DAY IN FINLAND! It is a short visit and hope to come back soon again!!
I'm 100% REAL and INDEPENDENT ESCORT, ready to have fun!

As I’m INDEPENDENT, I'm always ALONE in my private apartment!!! I don’t have friends in this job, so we will spend our time together only you and me.

I’m sure you heard about me, I’m one of the most popular escort in Finland, with a lot of good reviews and recommendations! I have been working in this country for more than 4 years, I'm professional, discreet and always in good mood! I'm sure you will be addicted to me!

Everyone from all of the cities of Finland knows I’m THE PERFECT COMPANY and I can’t wait to show you MY SECRET! Everyone loves it!

I'm a french standard super feminine and sexy lady, I’m coming from Nice, France...I played basketball 12 years, I’m always funny, smart with an athletic tanned body...I’m 26 years old, black hair, brown eyes blazing, 178cm tall, exotic soft skin and lush hair. I’m sure you will love my dangerous curves! I have also tattoos, as you can see, I love butterflies!

I’m using SIGNAL too: +358414907310
Or VIBER: +358414907310
Try to make an appointment with at least 30min-1 hour before you want to come, usually I'm busy so I don't take "I want now" in consideration.
Please confirm your booked time with me!

‼️ My regular prices doesn’t include the extras I make!


Hygiene is important for both of us, so you have to take a shower before our meeting! Anyway you have to take one to my place!


Kisses, Angel

Nyt on: Helsinki | Piiri: Kamppi

This ad activity - Last seen: 2021-10-23

Sukupuoli: Naisten

Olen (paikkakunta) France

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Englanti Ranska
Ikä: 26
Pituus (cm): 178
Paino (kg): 70
Poven koko: B
Silmien väri: Musta
Ihon väri: Vaalea
Tukan väri: Musta
Karvojen ajo: Karvat ajettu
Tupakoin: Ei
Koristelävistys: Ei
Tatuointi: Kyllä
  • Paikka 69
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  • Vallitseminen
  • Eroottinen hieronta
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Yöltä: 1200.00 1400.00
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Finland, Helsinki 2021-10-05
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Finland, Helsinki 2021-10-19
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Finland, Helsinki 2021-10-21
Finland, Helsinki 2021-10-22
Finland, Helsinki 2021-10-23
Finland, Helsinki 2021-10-24

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  • Angel


    Thank you so much, Mr. T! I hope to see you soon again!

    Kisses and hugs from Helsinki :hearts:

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  • PartFinn

    I'm struggling with this review. Even though I'm a life-long English speaker, I'm not sure I can come up with the proper words to describe this Angel. I just had the most amazing night with her. She is absolute true ideal of feminine beauty. Her pictures, I say, do not do her justice. I walked into her place and was completely stunned at the woman in front of stunned that I didn't notice how magnificently tall she is until I was leaving! And on top of that, she's so warm, welcoming, engaging, smart and delightful to be with. Put me totally at ease and made every minute a joy. I have never engaged with a new person in my life so quickly. Nothing in her profile is a lie, she is very real. I can't wait to get back to Helsinki and in the arms of this dream of a woman again. Do yourself a favor...

    Rate this comment: 15 7
  • Angel


    Thank youuuu :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:

    Rate this comment: 72 37
  • Prossius

    I was in the Helsinki and did get very horny. I have been looking Angels add for few months and now I got change to see her!! She was so perfect :ok_hand: tanned body and skin to die for and I can not believe that I got to bang her. She is girl from my dreams :heart_eyes::drooling_face: everything was like she says in the add, tanned petite French girl. Will go back in the future, for sure! Thank you Angel! You earn that name :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

    Rate this comment: 69 46
  • Angel

    Thank you so much for the review!
    It will always be my pleasure to make you happy :hearts::hearts::hearts:

    Rate this comment: 92 43
  • TeeKoo

    I almost forgot

    Thank You also from those tips for my personal problems. so you're also a therapist. :smiley:

    Rate this comment: 95 42
  • TeeKoo

    All I ever wanted and all I ever needed of professional sex. This lady is pure gold. Thank You Angel of beautiful moment with you.
    Isot suositukset täältä ihanalle escortille. Parasta mitä Helsingissä tällä hetkellä, ja kyllä, kokemusta on yli kymmenen vuotta.

    Rate this comment: 87 47
  • Angel

    Hello, sorry but I think you wrote this review to the wrong girl :relaxed: I've never had this kind of complains!

    Rate this comment: 87 51
  • PaaKuu

    She's cute and real. But I have bad experience. First: rules - dont touch me here and here. Second: time - if there pay for hour it must be hour, not 45 min or when she got boring... Third: professionalism- sorry but I know many girls who can get you a cum within 5 min blowjob...

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